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exporting cars from Dubai

It can be depressing to arrive in the UAE, experience the independence of having your automobile, and then be faced with the thought of giving it up when you relocate. It’s crucial to realize there are other options besides selling your car. It is quite possible to take your automobile alongside you wherever you go thanks to several export options. However, many people shy out of it and eventually wind up leaving alone their prized possessions because of the process’s apparent intricacy. Today, we want to show how easy it may be to start the process of exporting cars from Dubai by demystifying and simplifying it.

Important Paperwork Needed to Obtain a Vehicle Export Certificate

The Road and Transport Authority, often known as the RTA, is essential in adhering to legislative processes intended to facilitate a smooth export process. The RTA has simplified the documentation procedure for both people and corporations to simplify the export of  affordable luxury cars in the UAE. You’ll find a complete list of necessary documents below:

For Persons

  1. Original certificate of vehicle clearance for Emirates ID
  2. Giving up license plates
  3. Technical inspection report for the car (if the license has expired or the person is driving an Unauthorized vehicle)
  4. Release from any existing auto loan
  5. Vehicle insurance policy document
  6. If the person wants to export the car under a different name, they will need new insurance coverage.
  7. Copy of a passport

For Companies

  1. Certificate of vehicle clearance
  2. Memorandum of Association (MOA) in Arabic, if required for trading activity, formal document from the company
  3. Giving up license plates
  4. Technical inspection report for the vehicle (useful if the license has expired or if the business has an unauthorized vehicle)
  5. Release from any existing auto loan
  6. New insurance coverage (needed if the business plans to export the car under a different name; required for getting export plates)

Conditions for an export certificate 

Conditions for Obtaining an Export Certificate for Vehicles Individual consumers, both citizens and residents, as well as businesses that are considering applying while exporting cars from Dubai.

You must fulfill the conditions listed below to obtain a vehicle export certificate:

  1. Make sure your car’s registration is up to date.
  2. Pay down any outstanding tickets relating to the car.
  3. To ensure an appropriate and legal export process, obtain a declaration of no objection from the appropriate government agencies.

Methods for Applying for a Vehicle Export Certificate

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has streamlined the process of exporting your used cars for sale in the UAE through its user-friendly website.

  1. Log In: Visit the RTA website and log in to your account or create a new one.
  2. Find Service: Navigate to the “Vehicle Export Certificate” service section.
  3. Fill Out the Form: Complete the online application form with all the required details.
  4. Upload Documents: Scan and upload the necessary documents, as indicated earlier.
  5. Pay the Export Fees: Process the payment for the certificate application.
  6. Track Your Status: Submit the application and monitor its progress online.

Process of exporting cars 

The process of exporting an automobile from the UAE is comparatively simple and quick. Here, we’re going to go over the process and look at various car shipping options from the UAE.

Marine Freight

The most practical method for moving cars is via cargo vessels shipping in containers. To fit your vehicle on board the ship, you have a range of container options, including specialized containers, combined containers, or RO-RO carriers.

Air cargo

Automobiles can be shipped quickly from the UAE using air freight, although it is typically more expensive than other options. It is frequently used in circumstances where the prompt delivery of expensive vehicles is essential.

Transportation via Land

Road transport is a solid option for transporting pre-owned automobiles inside the United Arab Emirates and to nearby nations. The UAE is a useful choice for regional shipping thanks to its effective road networks and simple customs processes.

Service Fee for Vehicle Export Certificates

The RTA has established precise fees for each vehicle type when filing for a vehicle export certificate, regardless of whether you’re dealing with a light or heavy car. Here is a summary of the fees if you already possess used automobiles in Dubai and want to export them:

  1. Light vehicles: AED 100
  2. Vehicles weighing more than 12 tons: AED 100
  3. Light mechanical equipment: AED 100
  4. Heavy mechanical equipment: AED 100
  5. Buses accommodating 14 to 26 passengers: AED 50
  6. Buses accommodating over 26 passengers: AED 100
  7. Motorcycles: AED 100
  8. Knowledge and innovation fees: Additional AED 20

Website/App: Dubai Drive

You can use the Dubai Drive app or website, similar to the RTA website, to become familiar with and take advantage of the affordable luxury cars export regulations. Here is a straightforward how-to for doing it:

  1. Sign in: Access the website or the Dubai Drive app, then sign in with your credentials.
  2. Choose Service: Select “Vehicle Export Certificate” from the list of services that are offered.
  3. Finish the form: Complete the online application process truthfully.
  4. Upload Documents: Accurately provide the needed files.
  5. Make Payments: Complete the payment procedure for your application for the export of a car.
  6. Submit and Track: Submit your application for review and keep tabs on it via the website or app.

Centers for Customer Happiness

You can go to well-known customer happiness centers like Umm Ramool, Al Manarah, Al Twar, Al Barsha, or Deira if you require an export certificate for Dubai cars. For a flawless experience, adhere to these specific instructions:

  1. Document Submission: Send the center the required paperwork.
  2. To make a payment and get a receipt, pay the product or service fee to the company’s representative.
  3. Pickup of Certificate: Go to the center and pick up the export certificate.
  4. Export Plates are optional; if desired, request them.


The next step is to confirm that your car satisfies the requirements for exporting cars from Dubai after becoming familiar with the rules governing car exports from Dubai. You can ship your car anywhere in the globe as long as it meets the requirements and you have all the required paperwork. This tutorial has offered a general overview of the procedure for exporting your car from the United Arab Emirates to other countries.

Using a car export company’s services can greatly simplify the procedure and lessen any potential difficulties. Additionally, bear in mind that depending on the destination location, you may be required to pay import taxes and other related expenses. It’s crucial to determine whether the worth of your car covers the shipping expense.

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