Fear in the car, passenegr: what to do to stop it?


Amaxophobia is the name given to the fear of being in a car. It can reach all types of people: a driver as well as a passenger. It is a very specific phobia arising from different triggers.

What is passenger fear in the car?

At the start, it is not necessarily easy to understand the fears that one may feel. However, this is important in order to be able to remedy them, or anticipate their onset.

Knowing that you are afraid in the car

If the idea of ​​driving a car can make you anxious even when you are accompanied, if you prefer to walk or find other excuses to avoid getting into the car, then you are surely afraid of driving as a passenger, but what to do ?

Already, thinking about getting into a car is a first way to trigger anxiety. But it’s not always easy. Especially when the journey is important. In addition, the fact of not succeeding in controlling one’s emotions, of being dependent on others or of having to settle in the back of the car can create an additional feeling of unease.

The triggers

When one begins to imagine unpleasant scenarios, they can very easily invade the mind and take up a lot of energy. You are afraid in the car as a passenger but what to do not to imagine the worst? Indeed, this is not always obvious.

This fear can turn into incessant nightmares, intestinal disturbances or other paralyzing symptoms. With recurrence and without the establishment of an effective system to counter this problem, the phenomenon will grow. The perception of a danger quickly causes a lack of control, a loss of confidence in oneself or in one’s vehicle. Everything that leads a person to use a car causes cold sweats: parking, driving, overtaking trucks, driving at night, among trees, just like imagining situations such as: breaking down, seeing or committing a accidents, etc.

Fear in the car in the passenger: what to do?

Being able to modify one’s behavior in an effective and lasting way is a chance. Thanks to brief therapies, if you are afraid in a passenger car and do not know what to do, this practice can help you considerably to put an end to your anxieties.

Getting rid of driving anxiety is not easy. There are techniques to achieve this. These brief therapies aim to modify anxiety-provoking thoughts and their associated behaviors. The objective is to regain confidence and the pleasure of driving or getting into a car.

How to treat amaxophobia?

Like all phobias, amaxophobia can be managed by competent professionals. Corinne Sarazin, for example, is a hypnosis professional recognized for her skills. She puts her knowledge at the service of those who wish to improve their daily lives, particularly in the management of phobias such as amaxophobia.

How can hypnosis cure car fear?

By allowing access to your unconscious, the skills of the hypnotherapist allow him to change your unconscious association of danger to that of driving. So, to your question: “fear in the car as a passenger, what to do? “Entering a hypnotic trance state will be the solution allowing you to overcome your amaxophobia problem naturally, effectively and durably. Thus, brief therapies and hypnosis will be a way to find, gently, considerable daily comfort.

Replace your blocks and your fear in the car with a feeling of security and confidence. Then revisit your story, understand where your reactions are coming from, modify the process. Trauma, disturbing emotions, tensions, parasitic thoughts… Depending on your problems and your needs, the sessions and the techniques used will be specially adapted.

Do not deprive yourself of long journeys to go on vacation. Forget the late evening walks to get home or to join a party… Access your unconscious resources and therefore your anchored blockages to finally overcome this phobia…

Are you afraid of a passenger car and looking for what to do? Are you afraid of driving as a driver and looking for what to do? Say stop! Think of hypnosis and brief therapies

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