When to choose a particular type of engine?


Are you looking for a quality engine to restart your car that was put in the garage far too long ago? Be aware that there are many types of motors on the market. You must then choose the one that best suits your needs. But for this you must also consider several aspects, namely the cost of your car’s list, the price of fuel, the performance of the engine and finally its maintenance. Let’s find out when is it necessary to choose a particular type of engine.

When to choose the gasoline engine?

The gasoline engine guarantees the best performance even at lower temperatures. With this type of motor, the power supplies and the cost of maintenance are lower. On the other hand, however, gasoline is the most expensive fuel, so the high consumption of this category of cars can increase maintenance costs.

The engine is more pleasant to use on urban roads, where you can enjoy maximum performance as well as better recuperation, compared to diesel equivalents. It is nonetheless true that it is the ideal car if you drive less than 10,000 km per year. If you own a Renault and are looking for a high-performance second-hand engine, you can choose a second-hand traffic engine .

When to choose the Diesel engine?

Compared to the list price of the respective gasoline car, the cost of a diesel engine can increase by up to 2,000 euros, but the fuel cost is lower by about 0.10 euros per liter. In the long term, it is therefore possible to reduce management costs.

The low consumption of diesel cars does not reduce the performance of the vehicle, which is however better if the temperatures are higher. This makes diesel cars more suitable for those who mainly drive extra-urban roads and highways or those who do a lot of miles (about more than 15,000 km per year).

The service life of the diesel engine is longer than that of the gasoline engine, but the maintenance is more expensive.

When to choose the hybrid engine?

The hybrid engine is the right choice for those who travel more frequently on urban and busy stretches, where it is possible to verify the savings in terms of consumption.

The price is higher than the previous categories, but the advantages are numerous:

You can cross ZTL zones of cities, without incurring any blockages or penalties

The engine has a significantly longer life than the respective petrol or diesel engines

Batteries recharge in traffic and range can be longer than electric carsĀ 

Quiet motor ensures greater comfort

When to choose the electric motor?

The electric motor is suitable for those looking for high performance and maximum comfort. Even if the tariff is the highest and the autonomy lower than the respective fuel, not to mention the battery recharge time, the management cost is practically zero.

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