3 things to know about the Yadea Electric Scooter


Recently arrived in France, Yadea technologie groupe is a brand that designs, manufactures and develops scooters, bicycles, as well as electric three-wheelers. Established all over the world, this leader in electric two-wheelers recently lifted the veil on its new collection. Respectful of the environment, this range has many criteria which has earned it a place of honor in the hearts of consumers. Without further ado, here are 3 essential points to know about these products.

1. Connected electric scooters

The company has just released four high-end electric scooters in the 50cc class. They incorporate the latest connected technologies useful for this type of vehicle. For more convenience, the brand’s electric scooters are all equipped with a socket for charging smartphones or GPS. As an electric model, their battery is a reference in the matter, with their intelligent energy management system for responsible consumption. In addition, some models even have a dedicated mobile application for this purpose.

Intended exclusively for urban use, these electric two-wheelers are easy to use and maintain. They have been designed to match all driving styles, in order to make consumers’ daily lives much more pleasant. No need to worry about the battery or the little technical problems with these smart scooters.

2. Ergonomic models for every need

The company’s new products promise to live up to the expectations of the most stylish. The flagship models of yadea electric scooters are the C-UMI and the C-LINE. The C1S and G5 models also share the stage with them. For lovers of vintage style, the yadea C-UMI is an excellent option with its neo-retro style and powerful 1200W motor. Logically, its maximum speed reaches 45km / h, and the autonomy of its removable battery of 48V-28Ah. In addition, this Dolce Vita-scented model is available in 4 colors. Need to remember the good old days? You can crisscross the cobblestones of Paris, and all the alleys on a little gem with a sleek look.

The C-LINE model would be more suitable for those who prefer the sporty style. Taking up the 1200 W electric motor and the torque of 29.2 Nm, the C-LINE is equipped with a removable 11 kg and 48V-28A battery. It incorporates a 4-inch LCD dashboard, a keyless start system, and offers two driving modes (Sport and eco).

3. Impeccable design for more comfort

All electric scooters from yadea are eco-friendly two-wheelers. Wanting to be responsible and intelligent, each model is both environmentally friendly (without fuel, oil or smoke), and efficient on the driving side . All round, with generous or compact curves, these models have various accessories to make life easier (anti-theft system, LED screen). Also, the design has been shaped to offer better ergonomics (a flat floor to accommodate shopping bags). All the options that can make a scooter a top-of-the-range model are gathered in yadea scooters

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