Why change the address on his gray card?


During the move, some people often forget to declare their new address. However, the change of his gray card address is mandatory. Contrary, it is very expensive in case of police control.

The many reasons for changing the address on your car registration document

The change of address on a gray card must be made each time you move, even if you change apartments in the same municipality. The crucial reason is quite simple. In the event of a violation, for example, a speeding ticket, the statement of offense will be sent to you at the address stipulated on the gray card.

However, if this gray card is not updated, you receive a fine. The latter is worse and will naturally be increased because you would be judged. So, it is essential to note that the modification of address on its gray card is necessary. To do this, there are a few steps to follow to modify your gray card address .

The three solutions to modify the address on your vehicle registration document

From 2017, it is no longer possible to reach the counter of the prefecture to declare a change of address on the registration certificate. Despite this, you have three remedies to carry out your steps perfectly:

An empowered platform

All the specialists authorized by the Ministry of the Interior can assist in your approach. This is the case with the gray card counter, which allows you to declare your change of address online.

Social teleservice

The public authority establishes a teleservice which allows you to declare your change of address online with the multiple organizations such as the CAF, the Health Insurance, etc.

The ANTS website

If you already have an account, the platform of the national agency for secure actions also allows you to change your address on your gray card. Thus, making a home modification online is at the same time fast, very simple and above all secure.

What is the deadline for a change of address on his gray card?

In the field of registration, the legal deadline by the highway code to claim a change of address on his gray card is 30 days. It is the same for a claim for change of gray card holder.

It is essential to change accommodation during the move. Of course, in the event of a finding of an undeclared change in domiciliation, you incur a fine of 135 Euros.

In addition, in the event of a penalty for difficult parking, you get a penalty within the legal time limit at the right speed. And at the same time, if you haven’t changed the address on the car registration document, you will have a ticket. In fact, if you do not take all the steps to report your change of accommodation, the authorities take several months to identify your new address. This is why changing the address on your registration card is important.

The transformation of the administrative formalities deliberated by the State now allows you to complete your application online without any problem. The provisional registration certificate pronounced according to the registration of your request affirms the approval of your change of address on the gray card. After its publication, it takes 3 to 5 days to get the sticker to your address to stick on the new registration certificate .

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